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Residual Income and
Rewards for Installers

Sample Installer Revenue: 260 homes creates approximately $7,800 in residual income, every year.

Share in savings: Installers can share in the Powder Watts© savings on an ongoing basis.

No limit on residual income earned – Typical small install with dual 200 foot heat cable circuit will earn installer approximately 30 dollars each year.

  • Easily install on 5 homes a day, 5 days a week.
  • 260 homes a year, residual income is $7,800 after the first year!
  • $78,000 after 10 years – and increases with electric rate hikes
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Save Money.

Powder Watts© saves on average $100-400 per month to the customer, depending on size of heat cable system.

Be in the Know

Get alerts for snow/ice build up, worn out cables, switched off cables or circuit breaker trips. Stop the ice dam damage before it happens.

Patent Protected

Exclusive patented technology

Easy Install

Installed to monitor any heat cable install: new or old.