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Smart Camera Heat Tape Monitoring.
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Why Powder Watts Patented Technology?

Taking proven smart camera computer vision technology to monitor and control heat cables on roofs during Winter. With vision, we know.


Stop unnecessary and costly guesswork with Heat Cables.

Astoundingly smart. Save on heat cable energy bills by over 90%. Designed to endure the harshest of environments. Zero power connection required to operate, every winter. Connect and forget.

Savings For The Future

Energy + Money

The Problem

Average home heat cable wastes 1,000 lbs to 2,000 lbs of CO2 monthly
Most heat cables can be safely turned off 92% of the time
Current solutions are ineffective and inefficient

How it works

Camera captures images of roof state
Images processed in the Powder Watts Cloud
Powder Watts handles switching decisions giving you peace of mind

Easy to Install

Placed directly above existing heat cables
Plug smart hub into router
Replace Outlets with Powder Watts Smart Outlets

A Win-Win for Everyone

Greatly increased roof protection – Powder Watts’ patented system monitors the conditions at the camera sites, switches heat cables on and off smartly, and alerts home owner with any concerns!

  • Immediately start saving on power bill.
  • May qualify for insurance discount.
  • Qualifies for Rocky Mountain Power rebate.

Save Money.

Powder Watts© saves on average $100-400 per month to the customer, depending on size of heat cable system.

Be in the Know

Get alerts for snow/ice build up, worn out cables, switched off cables or circuit breaker trips. Stop the ice dam damage before it happens.

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