The smart roof sensor technology is paving the way for energy efficiency

DENVER, CO (May 26, 2023) — Powder Watts was recently recognized at the Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo in Denver as an exciting new company offering revolutionary smart technology. As part of the 2023 Smart Cities Innovation Challenge, they received an award for innovation in Megawatt class energy savings via Smart AI Regulation of the largest building electric load in snowy areas of North America. In other words, their heat cable technology for snowy roofs is cementing its place in the future of smart cities.

Shaping Smarter Cities Together

Smart Cities Connect, the conference host, gathers and shares valuable knowledge and brings together thoughtful leaders to support the progress of smart cities. They speed up the use of smart technology, help solve problems, and enhance resources to improve cities and communities. They are also the largest organization for smart city leaders, providing a space to collaborate, discuss projects, and share goals and challenges to promote smart city growth. One way they achieve this is through their annual conference.

Renowned as a premium networking and educational resource for smart city innovation, the annual Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo hosts decision-makers and thought leaders in the smart-technology space. It serves as a crucial platform for advancing the adoption of smart technology solutions, bringing together the largest collection of intelligent systems providers for energy, infrastructure, networks, data management, urban mobility, citizen engagement, and governance solutions.

Powder Watts: A Game-Changer in Energy Efficiency

Powder Watts’ innovative solution to crushing exorbitant energy bills common in snowy regions was a standout technology at the conference.

“A hidden gem is emerging amidst the scramble for green energy, clean energy, and energy reduction. Heat cables, a significant energy consumer, have existed for decades, silently adding to the power load on the roofs of structures in snowy areas. This is where Powder Watts steps in, applying modern-day best practices to understand the load and the problem state,” explains Tom Clardy, Powder Watts CEO.

Using smart sensor technology, Powder Watts ensures that a building’s existing heat cables operate only when snow and ice accumulate in the melting zone, rather than constantly. Just like a motion-activated light that only illuminates a space when occupied, Powder Watts’ solution optimizes energy consumption.

This innovative approach piqued the interest of America’s Smart Cities and US Ignite, resulting in Powder Watts leaving the conference with prospective deals from government officials and the private sector.

Powder Watts saves hundreds of times more energy than even LED light bulbs, and they’re just starting. This award recognition is a testament to their dedication to energy efficiency, and they anticipate making significant strides in the years to come. As they usher in a future of smart cities, Powder Watts’ innovative solution will play an essential role in defining a new paradigm of energy use.

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About Powder Watts

Powder Watts’ heat cable technology senses when roof cables need to be turned on or off, drastically reducing cost and environmental impact in snowy areas. The Powder Watts system accurately detects when roof damage from winter conditions is most likely to occur and efficiently turns on heat cable systems at optimal times. Learn more.